Hans Friederich is the outgoing IUCN Regional Director for Europe.  This blog is Hans’ personal view on what is happening in Europe with regards to nature conservation and sustainable development.

Hans Friederich would welcome your comments.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hans we need some of those beavers in Gozo so they will eat the wooden doors and then we can make new doors again, just sent a few to Gozo.

  2. Dear Mr Friederich, Unfortunately I do not have your phone number and probably my e-mail to you did not reach you. Could you please call me back. B. Bouwman of Wetlands International

  3. Dear Mr Hans, I am student from Makerere University Kampala Uganda currently doing my research in Bamboo. i would like to know more about Bamboo especially doing a second degree in Bamboo ecology.

  4. Dear Dr. Friederich, I live in Finland and I am very interested in bamboo farming. Is it possible for me to have a bamboo farm in France or Italy? I don’t have any experience, could you help me?
    Looking forward for your reply!
    Thank you!

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